Art of WOW

Art of WOW

Wisdom. Opportunity. Wealth.

A Conference for Dynamic Women Who Aspire to Step Into Positions of Greater Authority and Influence

How do you respond in these situations?

– When asked, “What are your strengths?”, how comfortable are you tooting your own horn?
– Were you ever passed over for a role you really wanted because you depended on others to put your name forward?
– In uncomfortable or heated discussions, do you shut down because you were more concerned with people liking you rather than speaking your mind?
– Have you ever been called out for being aggressive when you were simply speaking from the heart?

If you want to have greater influence and authority at work, you need to be able to handle these situations with confidence, decorum and poise. You deserve to be your authentic self and to reap the benefits of the gifts you bestow to others. You now have the opportunity to become your best PR agent instead of giving your power away! All you need to do is simply sign up for the WOW® transformational experience.

Navigate your career by design, not default.

During the ART OF WOW® two-day conference you’ll discover how to:

– Enhance your power, status and political savvy
– Identify opportunities for your career success
– Showcase your confidence and elevate your visibility
– Use proven strategies for transforming obstacles into opportunities
– Possess style, grace, and moxie in executive settings
– Plan your career through sponsorship and differentiate yourself

“You can be a brilliant, strong, and successful female, but if you haven’t taken the time you need for yourself to reflect and strategize, no one will ever know about all the amazing things you have to offer. WOW is the place to find your strength, inner joy, and the place to realize your true passion and calling in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. The energy that Roz and the other women in attendance give you, but also help you find in yourself — THIS IS THE ROZ AFFECT.”
– Tara K., GlaxoSmithKline

Honor Who You Are

As women, we have a tendency to hide – hide behind our hair, our makeup, our expertise. We don’t like to talk about our achievements for fear of appearing boastful. And we often are our own worst critics.

Sometimes we’re fast-tracking, but then hit a wall because we didn’t plan out our career by looking for sponsorships or identifying how we’re different from others.

Often, we underestimate the power of networking because we’re just too busy being “super wonder woman”, trying to prove our value.

When women come together at the ART OF WOW® they leave with:

– Ideas and actionable steps to advance their career
– Present your ideas with conviction, conciseness and confidence while being comfortable in your own style
– Greater confidence in knowing how to deal with challenging situations
– Techniques to present their ideas with conviction, conciseness and confidence while being comfortable in their own style
– Proven strategies to command more respect and attention
– A stronger voice to persuade and attract followers

“I wanted to thank you for an unforgettable experience at The Art of Wow conference. The conference changed my life…literally. When you asked us to write down what differentiates us, many words came to mind: passion, drive, resilience – to name a few. I just signed this week for my new role! I have never been happier and more excited to be on this new path. I can’t thank you enough!”
– Catherine @ SAP.

“I recently participated in The Art of WOW and found it completely professionally valuable. Roz consistently demonstrated her ability to observe and coach me all while reinforcing my value as a professional. I believe she elevated me to the next level and polished my skill set. Thank you Roz!”
– Sonia E., Senior Account Executive @ J & J

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Upcoming Conference Dates:

The conference fee is $1,950.00 U.S.

Upcoming Dates:

September 2023 in Palm Beach, FL – Date To Be Announced Soon!

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