When I start working with a coaching client, one of the first things I’ll ask is, “How are you perceived?” The typical response goes something like this: “I think I’m perceived in this way…” or “I believe most people see me as…”

Rarely, if ever, does someone say, “What I know is… “

Don’t rely on assumptions. Coaching provides feedback and data on the impression you make with others so that you can become your best self.

Here are four ways coaching can help you: [Watch my video about coaching]

  1. Gain clarity: Learn how you come across, how you can improve, and what you can be doing better to improve the impression you make with others.
  2. Understand your impact: Coaching helps you discover your strengths and uncover your weaknesses. You understand the contribution you make and the impact you can have.
  3. Discover opportunities: Coaching opens opportunities to reach out, seek information, and make connections.
  4. Chart your course. With coaching, you see the direction you need to go and the people you need to meet. You’ll set goals, receive feedback, and keep moving forward toward greater success.



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