I’m sharing this link to a thought-provoking article “Launch an Executive Job Search by Transforming Your Corporate Identity to a Personal Identity”, not just for those who are a casualty of downsizing but for those who still believe in job security. Barbara Schultz, Career Coach/Founder of Career Stager, shares her wisdom with common sense advice on what happens following the separation process. She describes how it leads to “a feeling that who you are has suddenly devolved into what you were”.

I personally can relate to that defining moment when I lost my job many years ago. I never realized how my identity was linked to my title and that I was living in the company’s spotlight. Fast forward, as an executive coach for over 24 years, I believe that challenges lead to opportunities. It’s about taking ownership for your own destiny by stepping up into your own spotlight. This means that you need to invest time in reinventing your brand after you assess your “unique” abilities. Once you embrace your own identity, you are then able to differentiate yourself and stand out. In these changing times, it’s perfect timing for you to embrace your own personal fame and to make your own light shine!

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