Good conversation acts as a framework for any successful appearance at an office party. It projects your personality, shows your sincerity, adaptability and sense of humor. It may not be intellectual, but small talk sends important signals about you. You’re approachable. You like people. You are a pleasure to work with.


  • Keep current on major happenings in your industry and business community.
  • Research five topics that enable you to easily start a conversation with anyone, i.e., sports, current events, entertainment and human interest topics like trips or hobbies.


If you need some inspiration, these top trending questions might be the perfect way to break some ice:

  1. Have you seen the new Stars Wars film? (If yes, did you dress up for the showing?)
  2. Any Super Bowl predictions? (Looking forward to the half-time show this year?)
  3. Do you/did you proclaim any New Year resolutions?
  4. Are you currently binging any TV series?
  5. Are you planning any big trips or events in 2018?
  6. What’s your take on the new iPhone? Do you make a point to buy the newest and greatest?
  7. Are you looking forward to any 2018 movie releases?
  8. What do you think about Dunkin’ Donuts getting in the beer market?
  9. Bitcoin — What do you think?
  10. Do you think Tiger Woods is going to have his comeback year in 2018?


Above all else, pick topics that are interesting to you as well. This will ensure that you are being genuine and able to hold up your side of the conversation, leaving the party with a new contact in the new year!


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