Your Organization is Only as Good as Its People

Henry Ford said, “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”

To succeed in today’s ultra-competitive and dynamic work environment, executives, managers and professionals must master the art of communication, presence and personal leadership. Providing opportunities for growth and development will retain top performers and attract the best in their field. 

The secret sauce to success…

Roz Usheroff offers a series of high impact development workshops to help your organization stand out. Once she understands your needs, challenges, and desired outcomes, Roz and her team of experts create tailored training that deliver long-term benefits for your organization from entry level employees to high potentials to senior leadership.

Below is a list of workshop topics with detailed descriptions of what you can expect when you have Roz and her team deliver a workshop to your organization.

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What do your people need help with?

Executive Presence

Executive presence is a special quality that captures others to follow and paves the way to personal leadership. It’s an investment in managing your reputation and requires the mindset to be growth focused. It’s about taking your best self, and honing in on those qualities that ignites others to follow you.

In this workshop, participants will discover how to:

– Project an executive presence that commands attention and showcases personal leadership
– Master impressions with greater self-awareness of how others perceive you and what to do about it
– Communicate with confidence, charisma and passion
– Elevate your emotional/social intelligence for building meaningful relationships with C-suite, key customers and stakeholders
– Navigate a career path that leverages your distinct talents and passions
– Lead with diplomacy, authenticity and authority

Personal Leadership Branding

If you want to advance your career, you need to know your unique strengths and how to leverage them so that others recognize the powerful contribution you can make.

In this workshop:

– Discover how to reinvent your personal brand so you stay relevant to your business
– Leverage your unique abilities and past accomplishments so you are recognized and rewarded
– Skillfully employ the art of self-promotion with polish, purpose and presence
– Create a networking roadmap so you learn how to expand your visibility and attract sponsors
– Become your best PR agent using political savvy
– Recognize and diminish obstacles to career enhancement

Become a Magnetic Presenter

Presenting is the gateway to leadership.

Because every time you speak, your confidence and credibility are being judged.

If you want to be seen as a leader, and have your ideas and value understood, you need to employ the power of full engagement, clarity, and storytelling.

This workshop will help you move from being an average speaker to being extraordinary:

– Create instant rapport with your audience and connect on a deeper level
– Present your ideas with conviction, conciseness and confidence while being comfortable in your own style
– Master the art of storytelling that inspires action and change
– Demonstrate stage presence with assertive body language and vocal power
– Apply NLP methodology (Neurolinguistics) for cold reading your audience
– Replace self-limiting verbiage with powerful language

Building a High-Performance Team
In order to accomplish anything in business, you need the help of others to make it happen.

In this workshop, learn how to harness the power of teams in order to achieve your organization’s goals:

– Shift from feedback to feedforward to coach and mentor your team to get the best from them, even when under pressure and stress
– Build a more connected, collaborative and results-driven team using the Print® Assessment Tool
– Understand what motivates each team member so they will work with you and not against you
– Help your team improve their relationships with the big levers in your organization – leadership, business partners and customers
– Develop practical skills of resolving conflict and holding members accountable
– Eliminate the blind spots, hot buttons or triggers that can disrupt teams

Expanding Your Influence: Understanding the Psychology of Persuasion

Creating buy-in requires skillsets that expand beyond the actual process of influencing – and into the psychology of what truly prompts us to be persuaded to say yes to our ideas.

Even if you’re not naturally inclined, persuasion can be learned.

This workshop is focused on helping you lead with influence, regardless of your title:

– Understand the psychological/subconscious motivators that convince others
– Think strategically on your feet, especially when faced with opposition
– Frame crucial conversations so you get the best possible outcome
– Uncover persuasion techniques that most people don’t even know exist
– Learn the five styles of decision makers and unique techniques for persuasion
– Avoid the hidden pitfalls that sabotage your ability to inspire others into action

Female Empowerment

Certain self-limiting perceptions that women unconsciously adopt weaken their ability to influence and get to where they want to go in their careers.  They exhaust themselves with goals and tasks that minimize rather than expand their personal power.

You need to identify those things that no longer serve you.

This seminar is specifically designed for women:

– Capitalize on your inherent female power and presence
– Create a roadmap that addresses challenges unique to women
– Differentiate your personal brand and showcase your unique abilities
– Build sponsorship as you manage the political arena with purpose and poise
– Exude confidence to voice your opinions and create greater visibility
– Eliminate the seven female traps that sabotage careers

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